Bristish shorthair and scottish cats in color: golden shaded, silver shaded, bluegolden shaded,bluesilver shaded






EMS: SFS 71 ny 22 03

Bicolour: black golden tabby classic with white


F: Euro.Ch., UW, BW Luciano Valejo of Alva Viva

EMS: SFS 73 n 22 03


M: Ch.Lukor - Fold Lyubava

EMS: SFS 71 fs 22 03

Quino Antlia



EMS : Bri ns 11 - silver shaded


Otec: Aragon Antlia

EMS: BRI ns 11


Matka: Jocelin Moon Sissi

EMS: BRI ns 11


Krevní skupina A


Point gen , BLH Gen , dilution



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Skotský klapouchý kocour

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